Programa PNP Colibrí Cusco

City of Cusco

When the PNP (National Police of Peru) observed that the already high level of children living in poverty, without any moral structure and being in danger (children who live and work in the street) was growing, they decided to initiate the Programa Colibrí at a facility owned by the Police, in the city of Cusco.

On 25th September 1997, the Programa Colibrí started work inside of the Police Station with the young people who came for different reasons. They were offered psychological help, talks about self esteem, values and information about Children Rights. This was made possible thanks to the support of the police staff, the participation of volunteers and university students in different fields of professional study. This work was completed during 1998, 1999 and 2000.

Resbalosa Street

In July 2000 the Police association signed an agreement with the Municipality of Cusco for the Programa Colibrí to acquire a facility where children could stay during the day (from 08:00 to 13:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00). That is how the Programa Colibrí was given a room of 10x5 m², but without basic services (water, toilets, etc) at 410A Resbalosa Street. In this way they started to care for the young people working in the street. They managed to look after 3,850 young people who are now realising different work legally such as shining shoes, selling postcards, souvenirs, etc. The Police also managed to look after 38 young people who were wandering the streets and who were in a serious state of abandonment. Many of them are now in the Program where they are offered psychological help, food (breakfast and lunch), scholastic help (reading and with their homework), medical care and entertainment.

Centro de promoción y desarrollo del niño y adolescente del Programa Colibrí (Lucre), Casa hogar

During the work with the minors in the Programa Colibrí, the Police observed that some minors participated in illegal activities (prostitution), were taking drugs (Terokal), and were wandering streets in Cusco, committing antisocial acts (violating the law). Seeing this reality the highest authority of the Police (el Comando Institucional) allowed the Program to use the former school and its surrounding grounds of the Civil Police, situated in the locality of Lucre, which happened to be abandoned. It became the transitional home for the Programa Colibrí, with the aim that it would house the young people from the streets.

At this moment, approximately twelve young people are being housed temporarily and looked after by police mentors (only male staff). They are offered food (breakfast, lunch and dinner). During the morning they go to secondary school and during the afternoon they do outdoor activities and sports, manual labour, they are given help with their homework, etc. This Program also receives the support of the Municipality of Cusco with the Programa Vaso de Leche (a glass of milk), as well as from PRONAA with the donation of food (every 2 months). Working with the young people, the construction of a 500 m² green house and the raising of different animals (a cow, some chicks and guinea pigs) was achieved.

This Program, as it cannot count on any kind of guaranteed financial support from the Police Department or the State, works thanks to caring volunteers who like to work with children.

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